I am, I am, I am, de Maggie O’Farrell.

« There is nothing unique or special in a near-death experience. They are not rare; everyone, I would venture, has had them, at one time or another, perhaps without even realising it. The brush of a van too close to your bicycle, the tired medic who realises that a dosage ought to be checked in final time, the driver who has drunk too much and is reluctantly persuaded to relinquish the car keys, the train missed after sleeping through an alarm, the aeroplane not caught, the virus never inhaled, the assailant never encountered, the path not taken. We are, all of us, wandering about in a state of oblivion, borrowing our time, seizing our days, escaping our fates, slipping through loopholes, unaware of when the axe may fall.« 

Un essai intime et universel à la fois où cette auteur que j’aime beaucoup « enquête » sur ses rencontres avec la mort entre maladies infantiles, défi adolescent et rencontres dangereuses…
Une lecture qui ne laisse pas indemne tant on réfléchit avec elle aux occasions manquées, aux risques inutiles et à notre volonté de vivre.

Merci @theflyingelectra pour avoir remis sur mon chemin cet essai émouvant !